Apple Announces iPhone 3G Release Date

Apple iPhone 3G

If there’s one thing that I cannot get enough of, it’s the iPhone. Forget the fact that Steve Jobs revolutionized the mobile phone industry with the release of the original iPhone last year but apparently he likes doing it every 8 months or so.  Apple officially announced the new iPhone 3G will be released North America wide on July 11th, in front of a packed house at WWDC today. 

The most distinct difference is obviously the presence of 3G technology capability, which will again, change the way we use our phones. Other notable features include a new matching bluetooth headset, Microsoft Exchange support, new GPS capabilities, and access to the Apple ‘App’ Store. 

Another surprise was the announced pricing. He mentioned that the new generation phone would be available in two models – 8GB &16GB, which would be priced at $199 and $299 respectively.

For us Canadians, we finally get a share of the fun as well, as Jobs announced that the 3G will be available through Rogers on the same day. Nonetheless, I have no regrets of picking up my original iPhone last year in Vegas, unlocking it, and commencing to ‘Trailblaze’ it for 8 months…

See the video of the Keynote Presentation here.