iTunes Library Management [Part 3] – Smart Playlists

If you’ve followed the steps outlined in [Part 2], your iTunes music library should be sparkling clean – categorized by genre and sub-genre, and possibly any other groupings that are unique to your own preferences. At this point the hard work is out of the way, and you can begin to realize the fruits of your labor by creating what iTunes calls Smart Playlists. Looking back, if we were working with records or CDs here, the next step would be to grab our milk crates or CD binders and throw our categorized music into them in a logical way. This is what we are essentially doing, just in a more automated sense. 

There are a number of benefits for DJs who choose to utilize Smart Playlists.  The first and foremost is the time saved from manually creating your own crates/playlists. Not to say that manually creating your playlists is not recommended, but when you’re dealing with hundreds of songs, you want a quick and efficient method of grouping all of them together.  Secondly, provided your categorizing and tagging game is on point, the task of creating targeted, niche sets based on specific factors becomes extremely easy.  Even better, these playlists are updated on the fly and in real-time – in other words, new songs that are added to your iTunes library are automatically inserted into all the related smart playlists you’ve already created, meaning your crates will always remain current. Continue reading iTunes Library Management [Part 3] – Smart Playlists