Q-bert Equals Jordan


First thing’s first – congratulations to the Boston Celtics for a magical season that will also probably go down as one of best seasons of all time in the NBA. Amid all this talk of comparing Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan these days though, I’m kinda glad the season is shut down for the year. Kobe’s shortcomings in the Finals are in an obvious indication that he’s not even close to Mike’s greatness, yet.

Jordan’s passion to win, or better yet – not to lose, is one of the primary characteristics that define his career, next to his stats and 6 rings. Let’s just say he wouldn’t have missed 14 of his last 17 shots in a Finals elimination game.

Anyways, while MJ is unanimously respected as one of the best ballers of all time, Q-bert commands the same respect as one of the greatest scratchers of all time. There’s no question that like Jordan on the court, Q continued to elevate the scratch game to higher levels throughout his career. With all due respect to the other pioneers within the Turntablist collective, the guy can flat out scratch. DMC Titles, Videos, Endorsements and the like, it seems like he’s only getting better, at 39 years old.

The video is from a session produced by Thud Rumble.

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